Joe Green

My name is Joe Green. I am 36yrs old and have been married to the most amazing woman in the world for over 17yrs. I have 4 awesome kids Emalee 16, Laney 14, Alissa 12, and Joey 8. I have been attending north coast for over 20yrs. God has changed the man I am from the inside out. I am a better father, husband, business man, and servant than I have ever been. I own my own Real Estate company (Green Team Realty) and I treat my business with the same love and enthusiasm I approach ministry with. I've been leading small groups for 7+ years and am happy and proud to have been able to walk along side so many AMAZING students over these years. More than anything in my group of young men I stress that God is love and love is what we are called to do. Love is an action and a choice we make everyday. Just as much work that we put into all of our other relationships we must put into our walk with God. Although some students maybe skeptical of the existence of God when we start, my approach is to question their faith so that it is a faith they own and defend as opposed to something someone else told them was true. Being a leader in 11/12 is amazing and I am stoked to be able to be a part what we are doing as a whole. I LOVE JESUS!! #1112sohardtoohard #gogreen2016


Daniel Prince

Hi, my name is Daniel Prince. I backpacked 25+miles through the Grand Canyon. My hobbies include backpacking/hiking, Any kind of sports like, football, ultimate frisbee, spike ball, and snowboarding. I enjoy going to concerts with all kinds of music from classical to hip hop to rock. My favorite restaurant is Rubios Mexican food. On my bucket list I would love to BASE jump off the Swiss Alps and go shark feeding in Australia.

Jeremy Brown

My name is Jeremy Brown and i am 21 and was recently married to Makenzie Brown of the Johnson clan on August 1. I work here on facilities and am going to school at CSUSM studying mathematics to become an Actuary. I am really into backpacking and traveling, and i love going on adventures. I’m in love with photography and i recently started to try to make a career after it! I’ve been going to North Coast since I was little so if you been attending you’ve probably seen me around!