Chelsea Fleming

Hi, my name is Chelsea Fleming. My hobbies include people. I love people. But also, basically anything outdoors, anything disney, anything country, anything random & adventurous. Let’s not forget ElevenTwelve - it is the greatest honor, can i get an A-M-E-N?!  I have an extra rib, call me Adam! I am an extreme extrovert, honestly I would lose my mind if I had to be alone for more than a few hours.  Also, my Dad owns farms in Costa Rica & growing up visiting there was the coolest. Thing. Ever.  My favorite foods are SMORES & POPCORN & all kinds of spicy foods! One thing on my bucket list is to travel anywhere & everywhere. Live in Nashville, TN. Do a long term missions trip.  Be a mommy (and an awesome one at that).  Write a novel & illustrate a children’s book.  Work with a country music tour & a Disney production or event.  Seriously this is a loaded question, this list is too long.  My education is in progress – super duper senior/tortoise speed! Mass Media degree & School of Ministry! Woop! From those who know her best: “Chelsea is…how do I say? Outgoing & fun to be around. She is able to earn the respect of others easily Ummm her friendship with others are always genuine.  Her love for God shines through in how she loves others.” - KanDance Iwasaki Life verse: Romans 12:9-21 Love. In. Action. Life Motto: Momma always said, “Life is what you make of it"


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