About ET

ElevenTwelve is a high school ministry at North Coast Church for Juniors and Seniors. We believe that community and real truth are fundamental to a faith in Christ, and design our ministry to secure a strong understanding and practice of both to ensure a life lived with fewer regrets and a greater understanding of our Creator. We have an incredible team of staff, life group leaders, and volunteers that provide a safe and real place to deal with the real things that happen in high school and in life.

Life Groups

Life groups are at the very core of who we are as ElevenTwelve. They are 10-15 person groups of people of the same grade and gender along with adult leaders who guide conversation and study. Group content and study varies based on your group. All of our life groups spend as little or as much time as they like to take a deeper look at the last weekends sermon, and after that our life group leaders have an incredible understanding and love for our students and shape the group to fit the needs of their students. Church happens in circles not rows, through real conversation and biblical wisdom. Our leaders and students have committed to sharing hard truth in tandem with love and encouragement to foster a group that grows, loves, and does life together. It is an experience that has challenged and shaped years of our students, and has developed some of the strongest friendships and monumental life change. To put it simply, we do life together.


Our weekends are designed to introduce students to community and God. We meet every Saturday & Sunday with various services. Our students often times attend multiple services to enjoy community as well as get the most out of the weekends worship & teaching. We are currently in an incredible season of what we call team teaching. We are blessed with a teaching team made up of pastors and directors on our ET staff that are scheduled in pairs. This allows us ti have two speakers a weekend and diversify the voices students are hearing from, as well as receive biblical insight in the strongest way possible. Check out our staff to see the faces behind the weekends in ElevenTwelve.

SERVICE TIMES — Saturday evening 5:30 / Sunday Morning 9 & 11

The Forum

The forum is our current Sunday night teaching from a variety of different specialists on our staff at North Coast as well as on the ET staff. It holds a totally different feel from any of our other services as we take a more academic look at the Bible and real issues the Church is facing in today’s culture. We are currently in our series “WHAT’S SECRETLY KILLING US?” where we are unfolding the most devastating and destructive forces that marriages, families, and churches are facing in our time. Come hear from psychologists, pastors, and other specialists on topics not ordinarily covered in a Sunday church service. Doors open at 5:50 on Sunday nights.

Joshua Team

Joshua Team is our ElevenTwelve leadership team that weeks once a week after second service. Joshua Team is the core of our ministry where we learn, develop, and talk through different parts of ElevenTwelve. Our staff treats Joshua Team as their partners in ministry and our meetings make huge impacts on the way we do weekends, camps, and all of our events in ET through conversation and engagement. There is no sign-up, no application, and no requirements. Come as you are, 12:37pm every Sunday.

About North Coast Church

We are a ministry of North Coast Church, Vista in Southern California. We are a church of six campuses across San Diego County that offers 54 worship options all offering a different feel and style of music. North Coast’s mission statement is to make disciples in a healthy church environment. For more info on our church visit northcoastchurch.com.